From the 1980s:

Following on from this, here is an extract (p.260) from Lord Tebbit’s autobiography Upwardly Mobile, in which he tells us about a Party Political Broadcast he released with subtitles. Alas, because the other parties didn’t produce their broadcasts the same way, the BBC initially turned it down.


Why the changes to the blue badge scheme is absolutely the right thing to do

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On 29th July 2018 the government announced a huge change to Blue Badges, extending the criteria of who will be entitled to one from 2019. The scheme will now see people with invisible disabilities and those with mental illnesses being eligible for the blue badge. This is a change I welcome with open arms. I was diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome when I was 21. It’s classed as an invisible disability, it’s very difficult to prove you have due to the fact you can’t see the disability. Some days I am wheelchair bound but a lot of the times I can walk. I always find it difficult to get in and out of a car due to my restricted mobility in my hips, but to look me at me, most of the time you wouldn’t know I was disabled. I first applied for a Blue badge when I…

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