More Money in Your Pocket!

money in pocket

Ipswich is the County Town of Suffolk and, although the Borough boundary is small, its economy supports a far wider area. Already there are thousands of people coming into Ipswich every day of the week and this will only rise as other smaller areas, outside of our control, grow in size.

We offer the major employment opportunities in the area.

We offer the biggest & best culture and leisure in the area.

We offer the best shopping in the area (despite the issues with the Town Centre)

Thousands of people from outside Ipswich benefit from the services operated and paid for by Ipswich Borough Council. Why shouldn’t you, as Council Tax payers benefit from this?

Conservative Councillors believe we should all benefit, to take a share in the success of our Town.

It’s a simple policy really, Ipswich residents should get a discount on services operated by the Borough such as Car Parks, the Regent, the Corn Exchange, Sports Centres etc. The cost for this would be met by non-residents paying extra to cover the costs.

As tax-payers we all shoulder the responsibility if things fail, why shouldn’t we share in their success.

A vote for a Conservative Councillor in the next local elections will help make Council Tax fairer for all of us,





One thought on “More Money in Your Pocket!

  1. Orwell Ahead January 8, 2019 / 3:53 pm

    An interesting post from – and hopefully a change of policy looming for – Ipswich Conservatives?Orwell Ahead believes that the core issue that negatively impacts Ipswich, at all levels, is local government structure. Again and again everything that happens here (or more accurately doesn’t happen here) comes back to the structure of local government, which since 1974 has left Ipswich under represented at county and regional levels, with all its decisions and direction in the hands of non-stakeholders. Also district boundaries set in 1835 which guarantee that all Ipswich’s growth rewards neighbouring Conservative districts, while producing little shared benefit for the centre sustaining it all. This is, and always has been, in the hands of Suffolk’s Conservatives to acknowledge and put right.


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