The Representation of the People Acts (1918 and 1928)

The first Representation of the People Act received Royal Assent in February 1918, of which this is the centenary, extending the franchise to all men of twenty-one or above and all women who had reached thirty.

Women born after July 1899 would not have been able to participate in the 1929 general election had not the second Act been passed by Baldwin’s administration. My grandmother was one of these and often told how, unable to attend counts in the intervening decade, she waited outside the Town Hall to hear how (Sir) John Ganzoni (left), later the first Lord Belstead, had performed.


Car Parking, how much?

bird s eye view of parked cars


Labour controlled Ipswich Borough Council have just announced an 8.3% increase in short-stay car parking charges across the town. This is in addition to the massive rise last year. Since 2017 Labour have increased the charges by a mouth-watering 30%, over 7 times the rate of inflation.

The Town Centre is already suffering and Labour’s policy will do nothing to help.

Conservative Councillors want to see two-tier parking charges split between residents & non-residents. The cost would be neutral as one would pay for the other. We are also considering a scheme to encourage shoppers to use one of Ipswich’s many superb independent shops by offering a refund of parking charges when making a purchase.

Ipswich Conservatives believe that a new approach is needed. The tired old-fashioned policies of the Labour group are driving Ipswich to a standstill.

The hard pressed tax-payers of Ipswich deserve a better deal.