Local Homes for Local People

My view is that Ipswich Borough Council should introduce a local residency requirement for all Council homes so that only those who have lived in Ipswich for at least 6 years are eligible. So far the local Labour council haven’t responded to requests. It’s good news that Ipswich Borough Council are converting the run down shops on Grimwade Street into 16 much needed Council homes.

However, as it stands, it can’t be guaranteed that these much needed homes will go to Ipswich residents. Other Councils that I’ve engaged with such as the London Borough of Havering have introduced a local residency requirement and its proved very popular. I can see no reason why we shouldn’t do the same thing here in Ipswich. Both myself and other local Conservatives have been criticised by the Liberal Democrats and some members of the Labour Party for promoting the “LOCAL HOMES FOR LOCAL PEOPLE” policy. For me though this is a common sense policy which virtually every one I’ve discussed it with in the Town agrees with.

Lee Reynolds is standing as the Conservative candidate in the Alexandra by election later this month and this policy is at the heart of his campaign. If elected as the MP, even though this is a matter for the Borough Council, I will continue to push this common sense, fair housing policy that puts Ipswich residents first.


We don’t like to say we told you so, but …

we told you so.

As you can see, the infamous “Cornhenge” (left) has just been removed (right) and those steps will be colour-coded with more handrails, as Labour said were not required.

Only Days Left To Say ‘YES’ to a Northern Bypass!


The clock is ticking as the first consultation ends on Friday 13th September. If you have yet to have your say it is vital that you add your voice to those already saying ‘YES’ to a new road to the north of Ipswich.

This road is essential for the continued growth of Ipswich, Felixstowe and the rest of Suffolk. Currently the Orwell Bridge provides the only link from Felixstowe and the major trunk roads of the A14 & A12. In 1982, when this bridge opened, there were an average of 300,000 container movements crossing the bridge – this is now an eye-watering 3,000,000 – 10 times greater.

In 1982 the average ship that docked carried 1800 containers – discharging 400 per port. Last week saw the worlds largest container ship arrive carrying 21,400 containers. It seems as though there are constantly more problems with the bridge so we wold be crazy not to be building extra road capacity.

The planned 3500 homes in the Ipswich Garden Suburb which borders Ipswich, Westerfield & Tuddenham  will add an incredible amount of traffic movements to Ipswich; Valley/Colchester Road – Norwich Road – Yarmouth Road – London Road will be worst hit . The mini roundabout junction already exceeds national air quality limits and this will get far worse, causing more Ipswich residents to suffer.

All of us have a responsibility to ensure Ipswich has it’s voice. The ‘STOP’ campaign have been very vocal, spent lots of money on legal advice, publicity & advertising. We may not be able to match their financial backing so we must use people power to ensure that Ipswich is not strangled as a Town.

Ipswich Borough Council & the Ipswich Conservatives support the Inner Route option as this will deliver the best outcomes for residents of our Town.

If, like me, you believe that this road is vital for Ipswich then please take part in the consultation which you can find at;



Cllr Ian Fisher

Leader Conservative Group @ IBC



Ipswich to benefit from new Towns Funds

Conservative MP candidate for Ipswich, Tom Hunt says:

“I’m delighted that Ipswich is one of the places that will benefit from the new Towns Fund. When talking to local residents I lose count of the number of times the state of our Town Centre has come up in conversation. If spent in the right way the £25 million provided by the Government could give Ipswich Town centre a massive boost. I encourage Ipswich Borough Council to engage fully with every section of our community when deciding how to invest this money.

“A few months ago I spoke with Jake Berry MP the Minister responsible for the fund and the difference a contribution could make to Ipswich. I’m very glad that the Government have listened.”

To learn more, please click here.

Why (almost) everyone wants a No Deal Brexit

Some readers may disagree with this, but it is in almost everyone’s interests for a “no deal Brexit”. Whilst I disagree in the phrase “no deal” since the UK government is preparing for trading on WTO terms and European governments and the EU are doing the same. So in other words, contingency measures will kick in on 1st November regardless, hardly the cliff-edge crisis that Remoaners and the BBC are trying to scare people with. It’s not as if the islands of Great Britain with the northern half of the island of Ireland are going to pull up anchor and move to the South Pacific. That’s the suggestion that ant-Brexiteers such as the LibDems, SNP,  Kier Starmer, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry are trying to terrify the British people with, suggesting that the country will be doomed to oblivion.

The Withdrawal Agreement as written by Mr Barnier and deceitfully imposed without question by Theresa May’s terrible “negotiator” Ollie Robbins, ties the UK into endless ECJ jurisdiction and precedence for years to come beyond any implementation period, and ties us into EU rules in respect of a level playing field on environmental, employment, taxation and state aid.

So the first big question for Mr Corbyn and his Labour supporters is why would they (as good dedicated socialists who want to nationalise all of UK industry) be willing to accept the withdrawal agreement? Of course they do not want it. They should accept “no deal” as the best solution to enable them to re-nationalise British Coal, British Leyland and good old BR again, in the extremely unlikely event of them getting into government at some future time. With the “deal” as it stands, they simply cannot do any of this without seeking permission from their EU masters.

For Conservatives, we should want “no deal” in order to be the most competitive country in Europe and the best nation to start a business with low taxation, light touch regulation and the ability to trade with the whole world, and be in control of our destiny.

Local councillors should want “no deal” to enable them to put local contracts out to local businesses rather then being forced to advertise them to the whole of the EU.

So who does not want “no deal”? Only those who want to try to block Brexit entirely such as the LibDems, SNP,  Kier Starmer, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry.

For 45 years too long, the anaesthetic of the outdated post-war consensus European project has flowed through the veins of the British establishment, decimating our ambition, national pride and desire to stand up for our values of freedom and democracy.

We are now finally ejecting this poison from our national life as we move ahead to the post Brexit world. In all of history, I would imagine never has there been so much despair and defeatism amongst vast parts of the population of countries under colonial control (such as India and many African nations) that were about to embark on their journey of freedom, sovereignty and independence, whereby they felt it would be impossible to throw off the shackles of their colonial masters in Paris, London or Madrid, as we see presently amongst the remaining vestiges of remainer die-hards. They did it. So can we. Bring it on !Boris Tom & crowd




Saving Broomhill by Cllr Nadia Cenci

As part of my role as borough councillor I am fortunate enough to be a director on the Ipswich Building Preservation Trust. This has proved to be a very interesting forum alongside a dedicated mixture of people who care passionately about Ipswich’s heritage.
There is so much I could talk about but I thought I would I would just focus on the restoration and re-opening of our open air pool at Broomhill, which closed in 2002.
This amenity was much loved by so many people in Ipswich. I never quite saw the charm myself having tried it once but then I’m not much of a swimmer, partly because of my low level of capability alongside a lack of confidence in anything other than the shallow end.
So it was with a very open mind that I accepted the invitation to enjoy a presentation and walk around the current site by one of the members of the Trust and I’m pleased to report that I have totally changed my mind. What a gorgeous asset we will have.
So a little background information will help alongside the pictures I took which show its current state and the plans for the future.
Broomhill pool, situated in the North West side of Ipswich, is the last remaining Olympic length lido in Suffolk and Norfolk and was opened in 1938. It is a grade 2 listed building and so much care is being taken to keep original features in the planning.
During the 1970s and 80’s there were as many as 2k swimmers, during hot weather, in one day but because of structural problems, Ipswich Borough decided to close the site and very soon after the Friends of Broomhill Pool was formed and became a charitable trust dedicated to the restoration of the pool, for the benefit of the public. Subsequent surveys show that this is something fully supported by many Ipswich residents and IBC have set aside a large fund to contribute to the overall cost.
You can see from the plans that there is a lot of work to do, not least of all the ladies changing rooms. It was very spooky entering this large room and it felt as if I was on the set of Midnight Express when Billy was taken to the sanitorium. I was quite glad to come out into the open air again!
The area is very overgrown and water is maintained in the covered pool because of pressure needed to keep it in tact.
You can see from the pictures of how it will all look once works are completed and it is quite magnificent, keeping so much of the art deco and also adding buildings which will be used for entertainment, refreshments and classes.
I will not be able to resist this amazing amenity and all that is needed is for me to learn how to swim more than just breast stroke and feel more confident when lots of people are around me, something I should’ve done years ago!
You will be able to look around yourself, although not all of it, on heritage days so look out for dates.
More information can be obtained here http://www.savebroomhillpool.org/

Ed Sheeran – Fortune or Bust?

ed sheeran

Like his music or not, Suffolk’s own Ed Sheeran is about to show Ipswich just how much of a star attraction he has become. Tens of thousands of tickets have been sold for his four concerts to be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend in the Council-owned Chantry Park; these concerts will generate revenues of several million pounds. Of course, most of this money will go to the performer and his promoter but with concerts of this size there are always several winners.

This really is an excellent chance for our Council to promote Ipswich to a much wider audience than usual but also to take advantage of the financial opportunities gifted to them.

IBC have come in for some criticism regarding the cost of the Park & Ride they are operating from Trinity Park. At £12 in advance & £15 on the day it certainly seems steep but they really missed an opportunity to reward the people of Ipswich. The Conservative Group @ IBC have campaigned for some time for Ipswich residents to get discounts on all Council run services such as buses, car parks, theatres etc. This could easily have been rolled out to include the Ed Sheeran Park & Ride. Why not charge non-locals slightly more and pass the discounts to local residents, after all Chantry Park belongs to all of us?

Because of the criticism IBC released a press statement claiming they would make no profit from the park & ride operation. If they have budgeted to break even then there is a real chance that they could actually make a loss – which will cost all tax payers in Ipswich

The Conservative Group have been concerned at the finances for the whole project, we have attempted to get more information on how much is being charged to hire the park but we have been told it is against public interest to release the info! Sources have also told us that several IBC staff have been taken away from their normal duties to work on the concert, what impact will this have on other services.

This is another example of the poorly run Labour administration failing in their task of running our Town for the benefit of us all. A local boy made good really has gifted our Town with a golden opportunity but poor organisation risks throwing this away.

It’s been 8 long years of missed opportunities for Ipswich under Labour rule, how much more can we all suffer……

Written by Cllr Ian Fisher









been concerned that the Council maximises its potential




Voice your opinion!


Ipswich Conservatives appreciate how vital an effective Northern Bypass is for the future prosperity of our Town, and the surrounding East Suffolk area. Ipswich is the most important area economically for the whole of Suffolk and it should go without saying that what is good for Ipswich will benefit all our County.

IBC, SCC & other District Councils are running a joint Consultation exercise that will close on 13th September. Now is the time for our voices to be heard – if we do nothing then we risk no road being built!

In Ipswich, and many other places, there is overwhelming support for the new road but there is a strong voice of opposition that will go to great lengths to see any project shelved. Protest groups, however small, can be an extremely effective barrier to infrastructure projects. Often it is those people against a development that are more vocal during a Consultation, ensuring their voices are heard.

Ipswich must have its voice – it is essential that as many of us as possible give our opinion by completing the consultation questionnaire. This can be found at  https://ipswichnorthernroute.org.uk/have-your-say/consultation/

Believe me that nearly all those people who are against the road will ensure they have their say. We must not let this protest group drown out the opinions of thousands of Ipswich residents.

If you really are unsure as to whether this new road is needed, then the local campaign group Orwell Ahead have published 40 reasons for us all to see how vital it really is. Why not take a look at http://www.orwellahead.co.uk/northern-bypass

Local government works best when the public engage. People power can dictate the success or failure of any project – just look what happened to the Upper Orwell Crossings when public opinion against the bridges was so vocal that the idea was shelved.

Do not let this happen to the Northern Route – Have your say by completing the Consultation Questionnaire.

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Liz on grief

April 7th was the anniversary of my late husband Russell’s birthday and 8th was our wedding anniversary. As seems normal these days I put a lovely photo of him on my Facebook page and was actually amazed at the number of very kind friends who left very touching messages. It made me think about what is inevitable for all of us which is death. Some of us have to face up to it far too soon in our lives with sudden tragedies caused by inexplicable accidents or like me losing my sister at the age of 35 with terminal cancer.
When Penny, my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer it seemed almost impossible to comprehend that someone so vibrant was going to die and to this day I can remember her bravery. But for me and my parents it was devastating. It seemed that we would never come to terms with our grief and indeed my father never did and died of a broken heart sadly never mentioning her name again.
Grief affects us all in our lives. When we are young we often have to face up to our grandparents dying or even one of our parents but the worse, without any doubt, must be the loss of a child – a young life extinguished forever.
So how do we cope? I’m not sure we all do. I always remember visiting Aberfan with Russell – probably about 20 years ago now – and we visited the graves of those children but I was so moved by the parents who had died so young in their 40s or 50s obviously of broken hearts buried along with their children. But we have to try and carry on however hard that might be. When my sister died, the shock was so great (she died within 4 weeks of her diagnosis) that I couldn’t write. You might find that difficult to believe but I couldn’t – the pen just wouldn’t move. With Russell, because he was older and because I knew he was out of pain and anguish, I decided that I had to make the most of the rest of my life. People often say you manage so well, but believe me it isn’t easy. I miss Russell every day and all the fun and love we had in our lives, but I am determined to carry on and hopefully help others in their grief.